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West Coast Morgans is a full service equestrian facility - so much more than boarding...

West Coast Morgans offers Full Board with Full or Partial Training options as well as an excellent Lesson program for all horse owners and non-horse owners alike. Our training staff has many, many years experience spanning nearly all forms of equestrian activity. We bring our combined experience together to train horse and rider to be the best they can be in whatever style they choose. We also continue to educate ourselves through competition and clinics throughout the year. When traveling to a show or clinic, we do our best to schedule a trainer to maintain consistency for those horses and lesson students that remain at home. Our wonderful farm help lives on the property and manages the farm feeding and turnout as well as property management.

We are proud to offer a varierty of Equine Therapy services, and trained staff in modalities to make our equine athletes more competent through flexibility, strength and conditioning, and excellent health care. We have massage therapy, personalized conditioning plans, an Equi Vibe plate, and so much more. We are a facility that is trusted by equine hospitals in Tampa and Ocala, as well as by the local practitioners to act as a fully functional rehabilitative and nursing facilty for short and long-term clients. We take excellent care of our horses, and it shows.

We want our clients and horses to be as comfortable as possible. The horse stalls have automatic waterers, thick stall mats, two types of shavings to keep them clean and fresh, commercial fans, a fly-control system, large windows and open stall fronts. The barn is modern and clean, with an insulated roof, exhaust fans, and a wide center aisle. The grass pastures are seeded, fertilized, and irrigated. For the clients, we also offer an air-conditioned and heated lounge, with a kitchen and restroom and free WIFI, as well as a large tack room with roomy personal cubbies with optional combination locks. There is much more to enjoy when you come visit.

West Coast Morgans feeding program is designed for the equine athlete as well as older and those horses with special digestive needs. High quality feed products put a healthy glow on every horse, in conjunction with the highest quality worming and vaccination program. All horses also utilize the Smartpak supplement system for their specific needs. SmartPak guarantees accurate dosing every time. We feed 4 times a day which facilitates the horses's digestive process, and our ability to know early if a horse is not eating normally. Our hay is straight Timothy, from Washington State, that is fed 4 times a day, the bulk hay feedings are in the mornings and evenings.

There are accomplished blacksmiths that serve the West Coast Morgans horses, Sean Norris, and equine podiatry veterniary specialist, Dr. Brent Barrett. Depending upon your horse's needs, you may utilize one of them. We are proud to offer veterinary services from Dr .Ross Russell, Russsell Equine Sports Medicine. We follow the medical guidelines from the State of Florida Agriculture Department. Worming and vaccinating our horses at the appropriate level has proven to diminish illness at the facility, given that we have so many horses coming and going during throughout the year to and from facilities throughout the country. As we learn more about the cutting edge of veterinary medicine and farm management, we adapt our practices to provide a combination of tried-and-true systems as well as new and more efficient systems for better health and handling.

We encourage questions and input from our clients to continue growing and making improvements to our facility. With a team approach and shared communication, we all work to maintain our high quality care.

We have ample space in our Boarders' Tack Room for everyone's equipment. Horse-owning clients are provided with a cubby for grooming essentials, and a combination lock.




Who we are

We are a professional team that works hard every day to share, educate, and demonstrate excellence in all equestrian divisions.


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